Family Programs

We want this program to give families the chance to learn to chop wood and handle sharp tools correctly and safely. Start any Monday during the week from week 27 to week 34, a family adventure where everybody can be large or small. During the day you learn to chop wood, handle tools, saw, hatchet and knife. Felling trees, branches, cut up and split and stack for drying. We agree with all the forest equipment and gloves. Price 400: – + 150: – per participant. Those who wish can stay overnight in a charcoal burners’ hut / square tent or your own tent at Canoe Activity at night.

Evening activity of individual climbing is an excellent children – and youth activity, excitement and adrenaline rush safely with professional leaders. Try it yourself at Base Camp, Risviken at Nordmarkens Kanotcenter. We teach you safety when climbing, handling ropes, harnesses, and the current knots. You are climbing the outdoor climbing tower. All equipment for climbing included. Time: Tuesdays at 27-35 weeks. 18:00-20:00 In heavy rain there is no activity for obvious safety reasons. Price SEK 75: – per person. Ability to grill hot dogs for those who wish for the climb.

Children’s borderland

Our popular 3-day family adventure with many exciting activities for the whole family

Packages Adults 1.250: – / € 135
Youth up to 16 years 850: – / € 90

The price includes: Program manager. Overnight in 2-3 man tents / Indian Tepee option for larger families. Access to the outdoor kitchen, freezer and fridge. All equipment for the various activities incl. helmets, approved life jackets.

Program Tuesday at times. 10 – Thursday at. 17th Weeks 27-35
Day 1 Canoeing the nice area. Bath, visit to the beaver hut. Campfire in the evening
Day 2 Adventure training with climbing and nedfirning (abseiling) from the cliff and climbing tower. Mountain Biking
Day: 3 Demo with many adventurous activities Require special

Indian Sweat Lodge and Hot Tub Wilderness Spa at West Silens beach

A new experience, the Native American Sweat Lodge is originally from North America. Indians warmed stones until they became rödglödande (red hot). Then moved them into a “sweat lodge” which was constructed of bent twigs and who stood in a ring covered with leather. Here they poured water on the rocks and had fragrant herbs, which allegedly make contact with Manito, the Indians’ protector.

Today you can experience a bit more of a modern “sweat lodge” in Risviken south of Årjäng. A Hut of twigs is replaced by a timber sauna but it is fired directly on the floor to get the stones glowing. Fragrant leaves and herb oil is mixed in water which is then poured on the rocks.

When you feel you’ve sat in the sauna long enough or are getting too hot, you can take a sudden dip at the small sandy beach.

In winter we have a hole in the ice, cold but beautiful!

After dipping in the lake, it’s up into the Hot Tub which has ample room for 8-10 people. The water is heated to 39 degrees, so is wonderfully warm.

After the bath we can arrange anything from a barbecue meal to a full 3-course dinner should you require it. This can be held at the campfire, in a major Indian Tepee or in a small charcoal burners’ hut whatever suits your wishes and numbers.

Best time for a Sweat Lodge is in the evening just before sunset. The area is illuminated by torches and bonfires giving it a golden beauty.

You can relax view the full moon, watch the stars slowly appear over head and listen to the silence.

How much does it cost?

Starting fee for the Sweat Lodge + Hot Tub: 2400 kr. Up to 8 persons.
For participants over 8 persons add an extra 100 SEK / person.

Towels are included, both large and a small.

Barbecue or full 3-course meal, prices on request.