Wilderness Adventure/Youth Wilderness Adventure

Youth adventures available for varying numbers of days.

Adventure Picture 1Minimum 16 participants. Youth Program with lots of activities. We have about 30 different adventures including Mountain Biking, climbing, rap duckling (nedfirning ABSEILING from high cliff). Canoe on the narrow waters, climbing in the cave at the favourable weather. You live in our Base Camp with timber shelters, fireplaces and an outdoor kitchen.

Housing or the fine military tents or Indian Tepee’s available.

Special Time/training of leaders / teachers.

Instructor / Instructors will monitor and run all events during the whole time you are with us while teachers/Leaders will supervise group.

Provisions may be ordered extra – these can:

Prices per day from 390: – / € 40 per subj. / Day. Wanted victual, 145: – / € 16 per subj. / day,

Request a comprehensive quote according to your own preferences