Legendary—this is the only way to describe fishing in Sweden. Whether fly fishing or spin casting, lake side or from a boat or canoe, like everything here, the experience is larger than life whether it’s a monster Pike or fighting Perch or tasty Burbot you’ll enjoy every minute of the experience.

It is no coincidence that fishing trips to Arjang are world famous. In addition to our guides being from English speaking local experts —most of them have been fishing these waters since they were old enough to set up their own lines.

Nordmarken Canoe Fishing Expeditions can take you to secretive and remote bays that are in many cases virtually unheard of by most. All of these offer exceptional fishing conditions and the finest specimens of each species, the result of crystal clear water, deep cut banks, and rocky river beds that provide the ideal habitat for the millions of fish that swim through these waters. However for the more adventurous angler you are more than welcome to explore and find these special places for yourself!

The areas we fish offer miles of excellent water and especially when Ice fishing it is not uncommon to hook up to 10 fish in about two hours. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open while your enjoy your sport as this is also one of the best wildlife viewing regions in the country, where you might get to see bears, ptarmigan, deer, and the regal if a little ungainly moose.

Prices –
• 1 day Guided fishing from Small boat, lake shore or canoe
4/h max 4 person – 2000:- SK £
(Guide will have most of the equipment and bait + coffee, boat on the tour, including all safety equipment and fishing maps and fishing licence.)
• Larger boat tour max 3 person – whole day (that’s fishing 7-9/h) for salmon and lake trout in Lake Vanern or another large lake. – 5.200:- SK £

Ice Fishing Independent £
Ice Fishing Guided £

We have 7 local fishing guides and tours available so please contact us
for other options so we can help you plan your trip fully.

Price includes fishing license