Hunting, like fishing, is part of the traditional living skills of the Swedish. However due to mans influence in the forests and lake lands what was once a means of providing food and clothing to fill empty bellies and to protect again the winter cold has now become a necessity of a different nature as a means of control animal population and ensuring the safety and health of the local species.

Based in Glaskogen National park we give you the rare opportunity to take part in the regions annual Moose or Elk hunting programme. This is part of the areas ecosystem and the animals are hunted as part of the annual cull.

Expeditions can range from a two day trip where you will work with some of Scandinavia’s top hunting teams and their European prize winning dogs to longer trips where you will practice and perfect more traditional skills such as tracking and stalking.

After each hard day you will return to the luxury of our traditional wood cabins which are perched high on the cliffs over looking one of the national parks most spectacular lakes. Cabins sleep 4 comfortably and come with all the modern luxuries including a solar powered sauna.

All our hunting expeditions are made to meet your needs and as such we request you contact us to find out more.