Bushcraft/Survival Courses

The Wilderness Experience International Survival School’s (WEISS) bushcraft programmes are designed to teach you all the fundamentals of bushcraft and survival and to equip you with a good level of basic outdoor safety. Our training packages ensure you can cope with most emergencies in the context of advanced outdoor activities be that hiking, canoeing or bushcraft expeditions and have a proven track record of over 40 years.

Our Bushcraft programs range from Basic to advanced and cover all the fundamental skills while our WEISS courses are more demanding and cover both outdoor survival and bushcraft skills and scenario’s!

Our instructors set the highest standards and demand discipline, personal motivation, sense of initiative and a willingness to learn as all our courses are testing and will bring to the fore all your own previous knowledge and skills.

There the minimum age for the WEISS package is 18 years however younger participants can attend the shorter courses which are available for individuals, groups, associations and businesses.

“Try your employees for a few days in the wilderness”

As well as conducting weeklong courses from beginner level to the advanced level WEISS programs we also offer the option of supplying your course or event fully kitted out with all the equipment you’re likely to need.

Bushcraft schools and groups can also arrange their own package allowing them to bring and train their own students in a area described by Ray Mears as being “close to a religious experience” – for these we can offer everything from a basic package to a fully outfitted option including canoes, our WEISS house and fully equipped classroom. Please enquire for full options.

Ask for a quote for your special events.

Our General Bushcraft training packages cover :

Basic Bushcraft All the fundamental skills

Intermediate Bushcraft Advanced training and a chance to practice your skills

Advanced Bushcraft Your chance to confirm your skills and practice the bushcraft Ideal of living in the nature like a native with only a billy, a blanket and a knife.

All courses are self catering and of a 5 day duration.

prices may differ depending on course/expedition content so please contact us for a quote