WEISS Survival Course (Temperate)

The Wilderness Experience International Survival School Summer Course is the first phase of a two part programme designed to equip the individual with all the necessary woodcraft and wilderness living skills needed to overcome any adversity encountered during expeditions, wilderness treks or even their every day life.

Established in 1963 is course has a phenomenal track record of success and is partly run from a purpose built classroom as well as in the verdant wilds of the Swedish boreal forests. For the nature buff the area we use during the exercise phase of this course lays in/around the ‘Glaskogen’ nature conservation area where Elk, Lynx, Wolves, Beaver and even Bears still roam free to this day – A TRUE Wilderness area.

The course is both a challenging yet highly rewarding experience designed to give the more advanced “bushcrafter” a totally unique appreciation and experience which far out strips anything practicable in the United Kingdom. The programmed is comprehensively and intentionally testing and covers the most fundamental skills required of a good outdoorsman. These foundations of knowledge are then built upon giving you the chance to acquire and hone the more advanced and diverse skills taught to perfection.

Some of the more advanced subjects covered include:

All participants need to have entry level bushcraft know how or have similar military or wilderness living experience prior to attending the WEISS course. It is also essential that all participants are well motivated to learn the subjects covered as this exigent yet highly gratifying course is not just a sort of “holiday with a difference” spiced up with a few adventure activities – it is a absolutely practical, hands on event which will see you gaining a vast array of new and inimitable skills and knowledge.

In very real terms here you WILL learn and use skills which one day could save your life or the lives of those you love. It will also teach you a great deal about yourself making you a stronger person and as such boosting your self confidence and self belief whilst also arming you with a broad array of experience second to none. This is not a soft expedition style camping course it is a hard, gritting realistic course aimed at those who want to test themselves and their skills, it is a course where we set the highest standards and maintain them and as such ALL participants should be aware this is a pass or fail course. Only upon successful completion will you receive the much coveted WEISS badge.

Those who earn the highly prized badge can be justifiably proud of themselves for having joined a small exclusive club of elite international outdoors folk and for having proven both to themselves and their peers that they are capable for achieving the highest levels of bushcraft and survival proficiency thus earning the respect of those who have gone before them and the envy of those to follow.

prices may differ depending on course/expedition content so please contact us for a quote

Dates – Summer Training will always run the second week in June, contact us for exact dates and timmings.